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Il brano è il nostro tributo a tutti quei piloti leggendari che hanno fatto la storia della Formula 1 ed è stato pubblicato online in concomitanza del Gran Premio F1 Italiano 2018 svoltosi all’autodromo di Monza.
Il singolo è stato inserito nell’album BIG DOSE OF SPEED (2022) in quanto proprio da questa canzone è nata l’idea di un EP “Concept Album” sull’argomento motori e velocità.
The song is our tribute to all those legendary drivers who have made the history of Formula 1 and was published online in conjunction with the Italian F1 Grand Prix 2018 held at the famous circuit of Monza.
The single was included in the album BIG DOSE OF SPEED (2022) just because from this song was born the idea of an EP "Concept Album" about engines and speed.

 Produced by: 
ON-OFF & Paolo Dal Broi

 Engineered and Mixed by: 
Paolo Dal Broi & Giorgio Andreoli

 Mastered by: 
Alberto Cutolo

Buil2Kill Records

 Release Date: 

Paolo Armitano

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01 - Dose of Speed (2:38)
Fast as Ronnie
Furios as Gilles
Need the brain of Niki
Need the famous Jackie’ skill

Maybe six wheels like Jody
Inside a black Lotus with wings
I dream the freedom of James
I want the punch of Jochen Rindt

  Aaah… It’s adrenaline need!
  Aaah… Need a big big big dose of speed!
  Dose of speed!

Wild like Senna
Engage the Michael’s gear
Just a legend like Clark
Fly like Piquet without fear

  Aaah… It’s a gasoline need
  Aaah… Need a big big big

Dose of speed!

It’s adrenaline need
It’s a gasoline need
A Monster dose of speed!
I’m in adrenaline need
Monster dose of speed!
It’s a gasoline need